Sep 24, 2010

Boys Being Boys

One of my regrets about the book is that there wasn’t enough space to write more about the players when they were between the ages of 10 and 12. All those moments of the boys being boys – the unintentionally funny things they’d say, the songs they sang, they jokes they played on one another (and on me) – died in my notebook. The book is not devoid of these moments, but I wish there were more because it would remind readers how young the kids were when I started following them. My editor at Random House, Mark Tavani, wisely suggested we put pictures before each chapter to help convey this, and I think that helps.

The picture posted here didn’t make it into the book but it is one that I have always liked. Most of the boys were around 11-years-old at the time this was taken. It was after a tournament in Arizona.


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