Oct 27, 2011

Pe'Shon injury and a story worth reading
Some sad news to report. Pe’Shon Howard broke a bone is his left leg and is likely to be out three months, meaning he won’t play most of the first half of his sophomore season at Maryland. He’s in a walking boot and said doctors will cast his leg next week.

When I messaged Pe’Shon to ask how he was doing, he responded: “I’m fine, how are you?” Typical Pe’Shon. Readers of Play Their Hearts Out will remember that Pe’Shon has always been an astute and composed kid. He was also one of the smartest kids profiled in the book (at one point Harvard was recruiting him. If this had happened to one of the other boys I might be more concerned. Pe’Shon will deal with it. He will find ways to contribute to the team while he is sidelined, and he will be ready to go when he’s cleared.

I had planned to travel to Washington, D.C. to see Pe’Shon and Maryland take on Notre Dame, my alma mater, on Dec. 4. I may have to push that date back now. It’s probably a blessing. I was going to have a hard time figuring out whom to root for

* * *
If you get a moment, read the excellent story in the Washington Post by Eric Prisbell and Steve Yanda about NBA player Michael Beasley and the civil lawsuits he and his former agent have filed against one another.


The filings in those cases provide a glimpse into the world of big-time AAU ball, much of which will ring familiar to readers of PTHO.

I doubt that during the middle of labor negotiations NBA commissioner David Stern is going to pay much attention to this story. I also doubt that even if he did read it that it would change the league's stance and prompt the NBA to be proactive about fixing youth basketball. That said, what is it going to take? NBA talents like Beasley are being exploited. It changes who they are as people and players and that is bad for the league's future.